Loring Air Force Base, Maine 

Home to the Biggest Bombers, Mightiest Tankers, and Fastest Fighters.

Come tour a Strategic Air Command northern tier base remembered in pictures and stories.

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Coming Soon: SAC's Green Pine System and Loring AFB.

Study of Maine's Cold War Nuclear Targets. Would Aroostook County be turned into "hot potatoes"?

See the Presque Isle Skycam    See where the Skycam is located

See a Presque Isle Webcam on North Main [This page refreshes ever 15 seconds. This could interfere with view other pages on this site when using AOL.]

See where the North Main Camera is located North Main Street Webcam Location

See the Presque Isle Hazecam   See where the Hazecam is located on Presque Isle Airport.

1984 Loring AFB Phonebook    
   Loring AFB History to 1982 Click Here

Abandoned Airfields - Loring AFB Click Here

Ashland Maine

"Through the Looking Glass" A look at the Strategic Air Command Airborne Command Post

If you are interested in abandoned locations, see "Abandoned But Not Forgotten" http://www.abandonedbutnotforgotten.com/

Join the Loring AFB group. Its free and see photos, maps, talk with people who worked and lived at Loring. Read stories of events that took place on base and enjoy the opportunity to reminisce about a base that many people attest was their favorite base.

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