Loring Air Force Base, Maine

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Are you an Old Crow?

Quiz: How many antennas are on a B-52 and how many are associated with electronic warfare?

Photos of the B-52 Electronic Warfare Simulator at Warner Robins Air Force Base taken 2005. Click on photo for hi-resolution (2800 pixels up to 948 KB each) photo.

42nd Avionic Maintenance Squadron (AMS) Training Devices Branch hosted a T-4 B-52 Electronic Warfare Simulator in Bldg 5500. AMS's Electronic Warfare Branch maintained the aircraft systems that included:

AN/ALR-20A Receiver

AN/ALQ-117 Countermeasures System

ALQ-155/ALT-28 Transmitters (PMS) Power Management System

AN/ALQ-122/AN/ALT-16A Countermeasures System

AN/ALT-22(V) Jamming Transmitter

AN/ALT-28 Jamming Transmitters

AN/ALT-32 Jamming Transmitter

AN/ALQ-172 (V) Countermeasures Set (mid-80s modification)

AN/ALE-20 Flare Ejector System

AN/ALE-24 Dispensing Set (Chaff)

AN/ALR-46(V)-4 Warning Receiver

AN/ALQ-153(V) Countermeasures Set.

CM-465A Sensor Integration System

Blanking System

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