Loring Air Force Base, Maine

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GLOBECOM Communications Annex #2 Located in Perham. May 2009

Bar Napkin from Loring AFB NCO Club 1966. Dec 08 Submitted by Dennis Fair Ramey AFB Stanley's Rum-A-Go-Go


Building 8800 Avionics Maintenance Squadron Floorplan as it appeared in 1982.  Feb 08

 Are you an "Old Crow" Dec 07

Green Pine Network. The Role of Loring Air Force Base, Maine.

 Early Loring AFB Photos submitted by Jim Gildzyn, "Official USAF Photographer" asssigned June 61 to July 64 to the Base Photo Lab. Bldg. 5055.

 December 2005 Christmas visit to Loring AFB, Caribou, and Presque Isle. Includes the famous Christmas Day Blizzard. Submitted by Shannon Wilson. 158 Pictures.

 B-52 MITO Takeoffs 1984. 13 Photos.

 1984 Loring AFB Housing Map 100K

Tour Loring AFB as it appeared May 2005.

Part 1. Going Back to Paradise

Part 2. Main Base Area, Bldg 6000 

Part 3. Aircraft Maintenance to East Gate

Part 4. Auto Hobby Shop to Housing

Part 5. Miscellaneous Photos

These pictures were taken 14-15 May 2005. I have annotated most pictures with the building number and use as I remember it from 1981-1985.

I invite corrections and clarifications. Some pictures are labeled "unknown use " because I can't remember, please help me.

Over three hundred-seventy photos. Notice the absence of cars, people and noise. Some photos are over 100 kb, please be patient if you are on dialup modem.

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Tour Loring, July 2003 and Loring AFB 1983

Other Photos Supplied:

Security Police Squadron MSgt. Gary Schenauer, Ret. CLICK HERE
Ron Ries, May 2004 CLICK HERE
Ron Ries, Early Loring AFB CLICK HERE

Cyndy, 1971 Loring AFB Welcome Directory CLICK HERE
Cyndy, 1974 President Nixon's Loring Visit CLICK HERE

Get your Loring Air Force Base computer wallpaper here. Download for 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768. Right click, Save As...

  Loring AFB Map 1980, 390KB TerraServer Aerial Photo 312 KB

  Read about Mr. Hickcox' visit to the old Avionics Building Bldg, 8800, by Melissa Finnemore, Star Herald. She wrote many excellent columns about Loring AFB. 46KB

Life is Better in Aroostook County another Melissa Finnemore article.




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