"Through the Looking Glass"

Post Attack Command and Control System

(PACCS) at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, 1993

Milstar Modified EC-135C Landing

World-wide Command and Control System during the 1990's. From NEACP brief.
PACCS Peacetime Orbits, 1977
Standard answer for civilians asking about the war plan.

Introduction Letter to Logisitics Officers
Page Two

Point Paper for Airborne Logistics Officer Duties
Page Two

Looking Glass featured in Airman Magazine
Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six

Loring AFB, Maine

A now closed Strategic Air Command Base located in Limestone, Maine. 

Ashland, Maine

A little bit of paradise in northern Aroostook County

Military Patches

An assortment of Air Force uniform patches and miscellaneous organizations.

Mad Scientist Club

A 1960s book that fascinated many young people.  Exactly where is Mammoth Falls?

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