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EM 230 Introduction to Emergency Management

The potential for human suffering and devastation in a disaster makes it critical for emergency program managers and related professionals to understand fully the nature of emergency management and their relationship to it.

This course introduced in 1998 replaces the 1990 version. This course is different from the FEMA Independent Study Program course added in 2003.

Introduction of Emergency Management is intended to provide information that will enable persons just entering the profession or expanding their roles to have the ability to work with the main emergency management issues. The primary purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the characteristics, functions, and resources of an integrated system and how various emergency management services work together in a system of resources and capabilities.

Course content is geared for all persons involved or potentially involved in emergency management: elected officials, public service personnel, managers, health professionals, engineers and a wide range of others.

There are four modules and six appendices combined into a single file of 572 KB for the benefit of low bandwidth (14.4 and 28.8 modem) users. The naming protocol is em230.exe. Graphics may not be optimum in these documents due to originals and file size considerations.

Upon receiving your paid registration, we will send you the password to open these. We recommend you print out the pages as you need them and keep them as a paper reference.

The test is taken online. When you pass the test, you will be mailed a certificate of completion.


The final exam is 50 questions taken from the reading material. You may use any of the materials while taking the test.

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