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EM 250-6 Workshop In Emergency Management:Amateur Radio Resources


The purpose of this course is to educate State and local emergency management officials on amateur radio resources that provide emergency communications. Specifically, the workshop provides information and guidance on RACES. This workshop should encourage State and local emergency management agencies to use RACES and should show how these agencies can have an effective, integrated, and properly managed RACES organization that will prove beneficial.


The overall objectives of this workshop are to help you:

1. Become familiar with the various amateur radio resources that are available to help provide emergency communications and understand their similarities and differences.

2. Understand the types of emergency communications that can be provided by the various amateur radio resources.

3. Understand what RACES is and what its benefits are. Become motivated to use amateur radio resources and establish a RACES organization.

4. Learn how to establish and fund a RACES organization; and how to develop RACES plans.

5. Understand the various types of communications (equipment, technologies, and modes) used by amateur radio resources.

6. Learn about legal and regulatory issues.


The principal for this course is State and local officials from emergency management agencies, amateur radio operators, and individuals contemplating on becoming active in RACES.

This course was released by FEMA May 1994 and will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete. There are six units and four appendices in two files associated with this course. The course files are less than one megabyte for the benefit of low bandwidth (14.4 and 28.8 modem) users. The naming protocol is em250-6.exe and EM250-6Code47.pdf. Graphics may not be optimum in these documents due to originals and file size considerations.

Upon receiving your paid registration, we will send you the password to open these. We recommend you print out the pages as you need them and keep them as a paper reference.

The test is submitted online. When you pass the test, you will be mailed a certificate of completion.


The final exam is 20 questions taken from the reading material. You may use any of the materials while taking the test.

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