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The bookstore provides a source of professional emergency management books for used in our courses as well as excellent reference materials for the emergency management practitioner. Click on book cover for more information.

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In Association with Amazon.comThe Great Flood of 1993: Causes, Impacts, and Responses by Stanley A. Changnon (Editor), Stanley A. Chagnon

Mission ImprobableMission Improbable by Lee Clarke

Managing DisasterManaging Disaster: Strategies and Policy Perspectives by Louise K. Comfort (Editor)

Living With RiskLiving With Risk: The Geography of Technological Hazards by Susan L. Cutter

Inviting DisasterInviting Disaster by James R. Chiles

The Art of the Long ViewThe Art of the Long View by Peter Schwartz

Emergency Management Principles and PracticesEmergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government
Thomas E. Drabek and Gerard J. Hoetmer, editors

Neither Red Nor DeadNeither Dead Nor Red: Civil Defense and American Political Development During the Early Cold War by Andrew D. Grossman

Agents of ChaosAgents of Chaos by Stephen L. Harris

The Texas City Disaster, 1947The Texas City Disaster, 1947 by Hugh W. Stephens

Emergency and Disaster Planning  ManualEmergency and Disaster Planning Manual by Laura G. Kaplan

Civil Defense Begins at HomeCivil Defense Begins at Home by Laura McEnaney


This Is Only a Test : How Washington D.C. Prepared for Nuclear War by David F. Krugler


Awaiting Armageddon : How Americans Faced the Cuban Missile Crisis by Alice L. George


Shelter from the Storm : Repairing the National Emergency Management System after Hurricane Katrina (The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Series) by William L., 1 Waugh (Editor)


Worst Cases : Terror and Catastrophe in the Popular Imagination by Lee Clarke

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