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Program FAQs

Please read these questions and answers before submitting a request for general information. In most cases, either the answers or hyperlinks listed here will provide the information you seek.

Q. I downloaded my course module, what now?
A. You have transferred your course module to the hard-drive on your computer. Remember which directory it is in. Just double-click on the file and it will prompt you for a Password. This password was provided to you by email when you enrolled. Once the browser opens the material, print it. (Studying any material on a computer screen is too fatiguing.) When you are ready to test, we recommend printing your final exam. When you are complete, follow the link to the online answer sheet and insert your answers. Be sure your name is correct and indicate the course number when you fill out the form, as that name will appear on your certificate.

Q. How will these courses help me in my job?
A. These training courses provide a broad audience with general understanding in emergency management activities and guidelines for applying that knowledge in their unique situation. Your earned Certificate of Completion is a symbol of your achievement, and desire to improve your professional expertise. It just may be what you need to pursue advancement to better career opportunities.

Q. Do your courses provide "skills training"?
A. Though the materials are the same used to provide "skills" training, they are not intended to fulfill requirements mandated by current regulations and standards for any group of responders. Your agency however may approve our courses to fulfill your training requirements.

Q. Can you suggest a method for taking your courses?
A. Simply, study the materials and take the test. The test is open book so it is recommended you print the course materials and store in a three-ring binder. The final tests are drawn from the reading materials. There are no "trick" questions. In most cases you will be able to clearly locate each test answer in the course materials.

Q. Several of your courses appear similar to the Federal Emergency Management Agencies Independent Study courses which should I take?
A. Our courses use similar materials that were used to develop the Independent Study courses. There is no attempt to imitate these courses. The courses are different. If you are eligible, we highly recommend you enroll in FEMA's Independent Study courses, they are excellent and they are free.

Q. What if I need help, have a question or comment about my course?
A. If you have a question or need career advice, our emergency management team is available to assist you. Drop us an email. You can expect a prompt, knowledgeable answer to your question.

Q. How much are your courses?
A. Each course varies in costs from $19 to $79 enroll.

Q. How long will it take me to finish my training?
A. With regular study, it's quite possible for you to complete any one of our courses perhaps in a few hours. Some courses are larger and will require additional time. Our method allows you to plan your studies to fit your schedule. Your enrollment is valid for 12 months. You may take the exam anytime during that period.

Q. Where do your test questions come from?
A. You are tested only on materials presented to you in the course. No questions are taken from outside the course files.

Q. How do I pay for your courses?
A. We prefer you use PayPal but a Money Order (International Money Order if applicable), check or purchase order is perfectly fine.

Q. How do I get a transcript?
A. We keep a record of your course completions. With your written permission, we can mail a copy of your course transcript to potential employers or educational institutions.

Q. What is your Academic Honesty policy?
A. Students may use their course materials to study and take their examination. They may not share passwords, course material or give other students unauthorized assistance with final examinations.

Q. Can you update me by email for new course announcements?
A. Yes. Just fill out the form below.

Please add me to your email list. Your email address remains private with IDTI!

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Q. Your library and some of your courses contains some outdated materials, why?
A. These are the "classic" courses taught by FEMA. This historic and archival materials available here have enduring reference value and make excellent additions to your professional library. The passage of time doesn't necessarily invalidate the concepts presented here. We live in a fast changing world and we believe there is a need to keep these materials available and allow those who enroll the benefit to learn from these.

Q. Your site is not very technically advanced, why?

A. We try not to compete with the high technologies in-use in many institutions. Being absent from the "bleeding edge of technology" is why we can offer so much for such a low price.

Q. What if I have only infrequent access to a computer?
A. A major assumption is everyone has access to a computer and Internet access but this is not always true. You may have a computer but no or unreliable Internet access. Or you just don't have any computer resources to work with. Though our courses are offered via the Internet, they can be made available through the Post Office on 3.5-inch floppy disks or CD-ROMs and in dire situations in booklet form. If you are in this situation contact us for arrangements.

Q. I downloaded my course file(s) a couple years ago and recently tried to open it and the browser window opened with the following message, "This File Has Been Expired at xx.xx.xxxx". What is going on?
A. Course files are updated every three to four years. That way the course materials are updated if needed and superseded files are replaced. Download the course again from the website. If you have previously registered try your password again and Email us if you have any problems.

Q. Will I need to buy any books or supplies after I enroll?
A. No, the files you download contain the course materials you will need. In some courses, you may need to use Adobe Acrobat software. This software is free and may be already loaded on your computer. You can download it from http://www.adobe.com/

Q. Some graphics in your materials are "rough" in appearance.
A. This is due primarily to the poor quality of the original graphic; also, we resample some to smaller file sizes. This can cause a pixilated effect. All should be readable both on your computer screen and when printed. Let us know if it isn't.

Q. Do I need any prior experience or education to enroll?
A. Our courses have no prerequisites. Most important, however, is your desire to learn.

Q. I didn't finish my course in 12 months what happens now?
A. We realize not everyone will finish the course. Many of you will enroll just to get the benefit of obtaining these tailored course materials. You may re-enroll should you later decide to finish the course and receive your certificate.

Q. Some files require passwords and others do not, why is that?
A. If there are multiple files for a course, usually the first lesson/section does not require a password. The follow-on modules will. This helps get you started on your course sooner.

Q. I notice you recommend books to purchase. Do I need to buy these when taking a course?
A. No. IDTI staff have reviewed these books and agree they would make a nice addition to your professional reading library.

Q. Why do you use PayPal?
A. Its easy and protects your credit card information. You do not have to sign up with PayPal to use it. Outside of the US PayPal is recognized in 55 countries and regions. Go to www.paypal.com to see if yours is listed.

Q. Do you receive any government funds or grants?
A. International Disaster/Fire Institute does not receive any government or private funding and relies solely on its enrollments to operate.

Q. My organization would like to partner with IDTI to develop specific courses for our employees. Can you help?
A. Yes. IDTI has contacts nationally to draw upon to partner with any industry to develop specific emergency management related courses. Just contact us with your needs.

Q. I have extensive emergency management experience. How can I join the IDTI team?
A. If you are interested in developing, teaching, or sponsoring a course, contact us and email us your resume. IDTI is always looking for people and opportunities to help train everyone interested in the emergency management field. Email us at [email protected]

Q. I would like to link my website to yours.
A. We welcome any free marketing other organizations can provide. Here is a button you can use to put a link on your website. The .html code you need is:
<a href=""><img src="allhzdbutton1.jpg" width="88" height="31" border="0"> Right click on the button and save.

Q. I am behind a firewall that doesn’t allow downloading of executable (.exe) files?
A. If you have no other alternative we can use a zip utility and email you the modules. Check with your network systems technicians for help.

Q. I failed my exam can I retake it?
A. Yes, we allow one retake.

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