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Independent Study

" I have been in emergency management over 20 years and I am still trying to get the basic courses offered through EMI and the State." - County Emergency Management Director.

Some emergency management organizations have very limited training programs, primarily due to budget shortfalls and struggle to offer courses for the paid and volunteer staffs. Many times current operations and disaster events derail training schedules, often for months or more. Though hundreds of thousands received emergency management training each year, agencies charged with training emergency responders repeatedly acknowledge that sufficient training is lacking for the more than 3.0 million disaster responders who need emergency management training. New and more complex courses are being added to the national curriculum that further complicates the ability to get basic all-hazards training.

Why Independent Study is needed:

Recent events have greatly increased the

  • number of people who need training.
  • breadth of topics pertinent to disaster workers.
  • subject matter complexity.
  • cost of training and exercising.

These events make basic training crucial to stepping up to more advanced courses.

We offer Individuals :

  • A growing selection of self-paced, personal enrichment, independent study courses designed for people who have emergency management responsibilities and the general public.
  • Easy access. You don't have to be a "computer expert" with the fastest modem or computer.
  • Course materials are public domain courses adopted from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide the highest quality.
  • Free emergency management documents on the online library. Many of these are no longer available.
  • An online emergency management bookstore with staff recommended books for your professional library.
  • Experienced, professional faculty with excellent credentials and extensive experience in the emergency management education field. We stand ready to assist you or your organization with your training needs.

We offer agencies:

  • A low-cost solution to standard emergency management classes. Supplemented with FEMA and state sponsored courses our courses can cover any training shortfall.
  • Agencies may use our training courses to supplement their training programs and negotiate discount "group enrollments".
  • Constant online training presence. Your operations or disaster does not affect our ability to train your staff.
  • This solution frees funds for more complex and hands-on classes.
  • Capability to train volunteer resources.
  • Read how this works below.

Why our courses may be for you:

  • Anyone interested in emergency management may enroll in our courses. It is not necessary to work in a related job or be affiliated with any organization.
  • To broaden your practical knowledge but are unable to attend traditional classroom courses due to frequently travel, location and responsibilities.
  • Our reasonable tuition lets you learn for pennies a day.
  • It is convenient. You control your training and learn in your spare time without leaving your job or interrupting your family activities or leisure schedule.
  • You can complete most of our courses in only a few hours, depending on the course and your background.
  • Earn Certificates of Completion that are a recognized symbol to others showing your desire to learn about the exciting field of emergency management.
"This certificate can be yours when you complete our courses."


How it works:

  • Your enrollment fee, paid by check, Money Order, Purchase Order, or through PayPal, includes your course materials, online test and Certificate of Completion.
  • Our minimum computer recommendations are a 14.4 modem, computer with a 486 processor with Windows 95 or above and Adobe Acrobat. You should know basic computer tasks, (mouse, file open/close, transfer and Notepad).
  • We deliver course materials in easy-to-use self-executable files. You download the course module, usually less than one (1) megabyte, double-click on the file and enter the course password. You may either print the materials or study them on your computer.
  • Each course includes lessons with a link to a comprehensive open-book online final examination. Those who score 75 percent or better are mailed a Certificate of Completion.
  • We use Adobe Acrobat for some course materials and library books. This free simple-to-use software is loaded on most computers today. Once you use Acrobat you will be the expert and can view our course materials for any enrolled course. Note: Our course materials are developed using version 4.
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