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EM 100 Guide For Increasing Local Government Civil Defense Readiness During Periods of International Crisis


New terminology has replaced "Civil Defense" and the "Cold War" is over. Arguably, threats of mass destruction and the increased likelihood of such an event make the information in this book valuable to any emergency planner.

This course forms a useful basis for emergency program managers developing plans for current high-consequence threats. This guide includes information for last resort sheltering methods, spontaneous evacuations, crisis relocation and much more.

CPG 1-7 was issued in July 1967 was revised in April 1979, May 1981 and again in May 1990. Older versions of CPG 1-7 may be found in the IDTI Library.


This publication provides guidance for State and local chief executives and governments on measures to increase local government civil defense readiness in a time of severe international tension. Such measure taken by local authorities could save millions of lives if the crisis cumulated in a nuclear attack. The sections describe local government Increased Readiness (IR) actions in a number of functional areas, such as briefing key officials, increasing Emergency Operating Center (EOC) manning levels, and increasing the operational readiness of public shelter.

While this guide addresses actions to be taken during a crisis that could escalate to a nuclear attack, many of these actions are equally appropriate should natural disaster or a peacetime emergency threaten (hurricane, terrorist threat to a U.S. city, etc).


The goal of this course is to provide the participants with knowledge and skills needed to take Increased Readiness actions for their respective jurisdictions.


The target training audience for EM100 are persons responsible for planning, implementing and carrying out local Increased Readiness actions. This includes but is not limited to local and State chief executive of the local jurisdiction, and civil defense (or emergency management) director and other local department heads and their staffs.government emergency program managers, emergency planners, and response personnel.

There are 23 units and supplemental illustration in this course. Two course files are 830 KB and 1.4 MB for the benefit of low bandwidth (14.4 and 28.8 modem) users. The naming protocol is em100.exe and em100illustrations.exe. Graphics may not be optimum in these documents due to originals and file size considerations.

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