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Quantity Academy Clusters (more information)
Emergency Management Academy - Basic $150
Emergency Support Cluster $140
All-Hazards Cluster $200
Government Emergency Operations Cluster $125
All-Hazards Intermediate Planning Cluster $140
Disaster Exercise Management Cluster $125 (All Courses Available Summer 2007)
Transcript Request $10.00 - Type Your Complete Name
International Disaster Fire Training Institute Patch $7.00
Individual Courses
EM 011 All-Hazards Planning - Basic Certificate $19.00 (Course and Test is free, please enroll if you would like a Certificate).
EM 020 Disaster Mythology $25.00
EM 081 CEO's Disaster Survival Kit $25.00
EM 100 Guide For Increasing Local Government Civil Defense Readiness During Periods of International Crisis "CD Readiness" $39.00
EM 101 All-Hazards Planning - Intermediate $29.00
EM 108 Community Mass Care Management $39.00
EM 120 Exercise Design Course $29.00
EM 125 Attack Environment Manual Course $79.00
EM 130 Exercise Evaluation Course $39.00
EM 135 Exercise Control/Simulation Course $29.00
EM 137 Exercise Program Manager/Management Course $39.00
EM 141 Emergency Management Guide For Business & Industry $25.00
EM 160 Recovery from Nuclear Attack $25.00
EM 191 Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center Interface $29.00
EM 195 Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS) $29.00
EM 196 Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) $29.00
EM 197 Emergency Planning and Special Needs Populations $49.00
EM 230 Introduction to Emergency Management $39.00
EM 235 Emergency Planning Course - Basic $29.00
EM 235 Emergency Planning - Intermediate $79.00
EM 250.1 Continuity of Government (COG) $39.00
EM 250.6 Workshop In Emergency Management:Amateur Radio Resources (WEM) $29.00
EM 250.7 Rapid Assessments Planning Workshop in Emergency Management (WEM) $29.00
EM 250.11 Continuity of Operations (COOP) $39.00
EM 270-5 Managing Through a Disaster $29.00
EM 270-6 Working Through a Disaster $29.00
EM 272 Warning Coordination $29.00
EM 270-4 Recovery From Disaster: The Local Government Role $29.00
EM 275 EOC Operations and Management Course $49.00
EM 276 Resource Management Course $29.00
EM 280 Public Policy in Emergency Management $29.00
EM 288 Donations Management Workshop $29.00
EM 301 Introduction to Hazardous Materials Preparedness $29.00
EM 318 Mitigation Planning Workshop for Local Governments $39.00
EM 358 Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning Course $39.00
EM 360 Hurricane Planning Course $49.00
EM 362 Multihazard Planning for Schools $49.00
EM 365-3 Partnerships for Creating & Maintaining Spotter Groups $39.00
EM 386 Mass Fatalities Incident Response $39.00
EM 408 Homeland Security Planning for Local Governments (formerly Terrorism Planning) $59.00
EM 726 Survivable Crisis Management $29.00
EM 851 Emergency Preparedness For Mass, Crowd-Intensive Events $29.00
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